Commercial Landcscaping

Keep the grounds around your commercial office or building well maintained. Mario Canales Landscaping is highly experienced in commercial landscaping projects. We have worked with many local businesses in the Central Texas area.    

Commercial Landsaping

You have completed a beautiful office or building, and now you are wondering how best to make the area more aesthetically appealing. Could your existing lawn use a little attention?  Has the lawn been worn thin, or is it the lawn patched? Are the flowers drying up and you are at a loss of what to do? What you are missing is good landscape management. Your best bet is a professional landscaper like Mario Canales Landscape LLC. We have an eye for detail when it comes to what flowers or trees to plant to make the property look fantastic. The very best landscaping designs will mean nothing in six months if the landscape is not well maintained.

Landscape management is the process of maintaining the landscapes beauty through irrigation, weeding, pruning and replanting. This is a year around task though the intensity will vary with the seasons.  The trick is getting a landscaper who knows what needs to be done, and when the work should be done

All plants need water. In a hot and humid climate like we have in Austin Texas; plants are in constant need of water. Water conservation is a necessary in the recognition of sustainable practices.  Water conservation practices include installing suitable irrigation systems, using the correct amounts and practicing reuse and recycle where necessary. Factors that will affect water usage in landscaping include;

•Soil preparation and depth

•Slope of the land

•Irrigation systems used

•Plant species

•Evaporation control methods like mulching

The irrigation system is the biggest determinant in water usage. Businesses will sometimes over water their lawns thinking that will give them the best results.  A professional landscaper will set up the right irrigation system depending on assessed water needs. Landscape management will largely depend on how the construction was done. Hard construction uses materials such as concrete, gravel, and sand.  Soft construction uses soil and vegetation. Hard construction is intensive in the beginning but requires minimal maintenance thereafter. Soft construction will require weeding, watering, and other maintenance measures. The goal of landscape management should be sustainability through the effective use of water, soil, and other consumables. Implementing a sustainable strategy will be more cost effective in the end, and  will keep your landscape always looking beautiful.

To implement sustainable landscape management for your commercial property you need to contact a professional landscaper like Mario Canales Landscape LLC. We have over 15 years of landscaping experience in Central Texas. Contact us today, and let us help meet your businesses’ landscaping needs.

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