Fence Installation

What kind of fence are you looking to have installed around your property? Iron and wooden fences both can be great additions to your properties landscape. Find out how we at Mario Canales Landscape LLC can take care of your wood or iron fence installation needs.

Fence Installation

fence homeFences can serve as more than just a boundary between neighbors. If done right; a fence can really add great curb appeal to your property. Fences can be incorporated throughout your properties landscape. A fence can be used to separate different sections of the yard. For example, if you have a garden, a waist level fence can protect your garden from foot traffic. A well-done wooden fence will keep the yard looking organized and well arranged. A well-done iron fence seen from the road gives an element of class to your property.

Wooden fences are commonly used in suburban areas. Wooden fences are easy to put up and maintain. A fresh coat of paint every few years will keep your wooden fence from looking weathered due to the effects of rain and sunlight. Iron fences are less common than wooden fences mainly because the higher cost of metal. Installing iron fences is a little more labor intensive than installing a wooden fence, but the iron fence usually looks better. There is quite a bit of preparation and design that goes into installing iron fencing. It is important that all the posts are well anchored and also lined up straight. Iron fence installation is not a simple DIY task.

SHRUBS FENCEBefore starting the fence installation process it is imperative that an expert assesses the possible factors that can make the installation process tricky.
Rocky ground – This will require more effort in pitting
Slopes – Sloped grounds also make the pitting process harder
Trees – Trees in the way of the fencing line must be cleared
Site preparation – Brushy ground must be cleared for the fencing to be done

For professional installation of wood or iron fencing, look for someone who has experience in the field. Mario Canales Landscape LLC have over 15 years of experience in fence installation as well as commercial and residential landscaping. We always guarantee quality work.

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