Pool Landscaping

Pool landscaping is a highly sought after service that Mario Canales Landscape provides.  Beat the heat all summer by enjoying your pool, and let us worry about keeping the area around the pool gorgeous.

Pool Landsaping

A beautiful swimming pool is the best way to beat the heat during our hot summer months in Austin. The pool is a focal point for the whole family to come together and have fun, and it is a natural attraction for all your guest.  There are several things you can do to add to an already beautiful pool including installing special lighting, adding plants, and water features. When your pool is complemented by a beautiful landscape it becomes truly stunning.

If you are thinking of adding a pool to your backyard, consider that your pool will be a partpool canales of a larger landscape. For a well thought out design, get a professional landscaper to assist. Having a landscaper on-site before the project starts will ensure that the pool design will complement the larger landscaping theme. If you are doing a redesign, it is also important to consult a landscaper as they can think of creative ways to make the pool and the surrounding areas match.

Placing some greenery around the pool area adds a dash of color.  Putting some potted plants around the pool is a good way of introducing vegetation that can be moved around for convenience. Adding plants gives the pool some vitality. Some of the most commonly used plants around the pool are;

•Evergreen trees, palm trees, and shrubs

•Ornamental grass

•Long-blooming flowers


Boulders, aquariums, and planters are great decorative accessories that can be used around the pool. A landscaper is able to place these accessories in a way so that pool accessibility is not hindered. Natural greenery can add a layer of privacy by acting as a natural screen around the pool area. It can cover the pool area from high points and nearby roads.   A fence can also be installed around the pool to keep children and small animals safe.

Deciding to  add pool landscaping is a great start; but in addition to landscaping, maintenance is required to keep the area around the pool looking pristine. A professional landscaper can take care of the necessary landscape management. Professional landscapers act as consultants; advising a homeowner on what to remodel, replace, and redecorate.

For professional pool landscaping services in Austin, Texas you can contact Mario Canales Landscape LLC. We have over 15 years of experience and have helped many pool owners enjoy the beauty of their pool all summer. Contact us today for a free quote.

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