Residential Landscaping

We add beauty and aesthetics to your already beautiful home. The first thing that visitors to your home will see is your landscape. Our team at Mario Conales Landscape designs and maintains yards that leave lasting first impressions.

Residential Landsaping

home masonryWould you like to add some greenery to your yard? Do you want a lawn that your neighbors and visitors will admire? Well, you need to contract the services of a professional landscaper. We know what kind of plants, trees, and grass will go well with whatever theme you want your home to showcase. A well-done lawn will add beauty as well as value to your home. You may be thinking that landscaping is a simple DIY task that you can handle over the weekend.  That is far from the truth. For that perfect green lawn with beautiful trees, flowers ,and plants you will need some careful planning and design.

What type of grass will you use for your lawn? You have the option of laying artificial grass or growing natural grass. Some advantages of artificial grass is that it is evergreen, does not need watering, and will reduce the allergens in your yard. Natural grass; on the other hand, looks better than artigicial grass when well maintained. To plant natural grass you can do sod laying, seeded growth, or hydro seeding. Some of the most commonly used grasses locally are Zoysia, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Buffalo, Bahia, and Fescues.

tree plantingA lawn without trees or shrubs will  make your overall landscape look bland. Plants and trees add color to your home. Trees and plants can be used on the curb and along yard borders.  Trees take some time to grow to maturity, so small plants with faster growth rates can be planted to make a presence before the trees fully mature. We commonly use Texas redbuds, crape myrtles and live oaks. Plants such as artichokes and agaves are ideal for lining up pathways.You can use flowers to enhance some of the home’s features from the outside, and flowers can also frame outside views as seen from the house.  Flowers bring color, scent, and life to the birds that flutter around them.

xeriXeriscaping is landscaping done with conservation in mind. This means less water and chemical use in maintaining the lawn. Certain plants and trees are ideal for xeriscaping. Native plants and trees that  have adapted to the local Central Texas rain cycles are best to use in xeriscaping. A well-designed landscape must be maintained by watering, weeding, and application of fertilizer when needed. Lot cleaning is also necessary to keep debris and dead vegetation away.

Keeping a beautiful landscape is not just as simple as having a great design. Maintenance is imperative to keep your landscape always looking well manicured. We offer a full-service approach to landscape maintenance. We provide the following maintenance services, lawn mowing, tree trimming, mulching, weeding, and much more.  

Clearly great residential landscaping is a task that needs a professional that is able to handle all of the details above. In Austin, Texas Mario Canales Landscape LLC has created a trusted reputation when it comes to residential landscaping. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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