Client Feedback

We have felt extraordinarily privileged to be able to do exactly what we love. We have built our full-service landscaping company literally from one client at a time. From the beginning we always knew what kind of company we wanted to be.

Customer Service- Taking care of clients is always going to come first. We strive to always do right by our clients, which is why we guarantee all of our work.

Quality work- We always wanted high quality and fair pricing to be a hallmark of the Mario Canales Landscaping brand.

Building Relationships- We never wanted to feel like we are just hired helped, we live within the same community of most of the clients that we have served. Building lasting and genuine relationships with our clients is something we strive for.

Team- Our team is our family, everyone on our team works extremely hard and we are very appreciative of the work they do. Taking care of our team like our own family is an important aspect of the company we have built.

As we have grown and taken on larger responsibilities we have strive to live by our founding principles above. Inevitably Mario can no longer be at every single job site at all times. Our team knows how important it is to uphold our principles of doing business. If you ever have any cause for concern, we want you to feel free to get directly in touch with us. We want to know how we can improve in serving our clients. We are not satisfied if we are not continuing to learn and grow. If you also just want to share with us a review or appreciation of our work please also send us a message. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and free flowing.

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